What’s in the Works

On account of WordPress publishing this site far earlier then I intended there are a number of things missing. This page is to give the visitors/readers of this site an idea of where I’m going. Therefore, this is what’s in the works:
what's in the works
As a whole I want this site to act as a portfolio that can highlight many different forms of writing and offer something for everyone. I’m going to be moving a lot of my poetry to this site. I’ll also have sections for articles that will range from humor to tip articles.

Another section, once I get everything up and running, will be reader submissions. I want to be able to give back to the people that frequent this site. If you are looking for critique then feel free to contact me. If you’d like some exposure for a piece of your work and a link to your site, blog, or deviant art, reach out to me.

I want to make this a space where I’m not only giving content that is enjoyable. I want to create something that can help people feel good about the work they put together and create a networking web that can help all writers that want to contribute. Thank you for checking out my site and keep in touch because a lot is going to happen pretty fast.