Binding at Midnight

A Binding at Midnight

Binding at Midnight is a poem that is about life and the inevitable battle of trial and error. In life we experience hardship, but it’s these difficult times that allow us to define the moments that we label as special and memorable. Balance is the best way to live, it keeps us honest and appreciative of the little things.

“Binding at Midnight”

The suns rays drift away
The bright of light begins to sway
Midnight’s wings cast gentle strings
To twist obscurities; uncommon things

It’s the shade of the leaf; a brisk to the air
The calm of the wind that brushes your hair
It’s the path of familiar; the shortcuts we find
All a part of the painting, a thing we call time

It’s the love that we feel; and the loss that we dwell
The smiles we cherish; and the cries bound to hell
It’s the ribbon we tie to the strings of our heart
The twist with the romance; the end and new starts

It’s the trip on the stones along the way;
The lessons taught with the passing of day
It’s the cut that will heal; the scar that will stain
The pain we remember; and the hopes that became

It’s the tarnish of bad; and the shining of sweet
It’s the steps in our time; The fortunes we meet
The control that we have; the acceptance beyond
The pool of ideas; and the quest for the fond

We swim and we struggle; we drown and we strain
We love and we hate; and mix beauty with pain
Yet we all live with two feet, and dream with two eyes
A hope we strive toward that’s a compound of ties

Values and ethics, and all that’s between
The image we paint, and what we allow to be seen
Each day is a stroke, a mark against times
It’s the rise of the dawn; and the midnight that binds

And bound in between, it’s our souls that we find.

Holding On

This is a poem about perseverance and the fact that sometimes… holding on is the only thing left to do. The experience of pain and the feeling of defeat are never things to be ashamed of…in fact, they are a pleasant reminder that we are in fact surviving and fighting back whatever “thing” has us feeling so broken.

“Holding On”

I bite my tongue, to taste the words I want to say
Cause the stain of the words can bruise a heart forever
I’d sew up the holes you put in me
But the stitches would remind me what it’s like to be alive

I’m the scattered fragments of a broken dream
The shards of a wish not meant to be
I’m a nightmare for you to see
I’m that nightmare that’s not make believe

Let the poison seep from the vein
I’ll fill the voids with black holes of pain
I’ll stick to the real, the pure and the plain
Cause raw reality holds the strongest of names

So swallow every sworn cry
Cause in this splintered tale of desperation
Comes the end, the beginning, and the in between

I’ll never let go
Cause holding on; is the only thing we can do