A World Where We’re Small

A World Where We’re Small

a world where we're small
Image from: http://phanthom-art.deviantart.com/art/Feeling-small-improved-version-282335633

This is an older poem that I am posting as-is. I could change it, but I don’t want to.

Your touch brought me back to life
And then it turned into a knife
Caught my breath in winded sighs
As life drained out from my eyes
I’d face the world with tempt to change
To paint the canvas known as pain

Yet I have faced my everything
And still inside decides to sting

Here, I’ve sacrificed it all
There’s no one left for me to call
I’m alone, all by myself
With whispers, and no sign of help
The sky has changed a shade of grey
And I’m left here, anyway

And still I reach for some small chance
To live a life from second glance
And here it comes, in its own way
The birth of empty, everyday

Now I’m staring at the ceiling
Hoping that I’m somehow healing
While inside is slowly wearing
Still, I’m reaching for a feeling
And even though I’m dreaming
Hoping, always ‘seeming’

I know there is no hope for me
Can’t you see, the hole in me?

Skipping rocks in memory
Pitfalls of what couldn’t be
And everything not meant for me
And still I try so hard to see
The things in life not meant to be

With a need for something more

Tell me when you’re sick of it
The pain and blame, the half of it

And still I’ll seek for something more
Digging deeper at the core

Just how far will you reach
With a need to feel
When reality seems to breach
The fake seems like the real

To push for a sense
of what can or cannot be
Leaving tracks that lead a way
That make or break a memory

And until that time, I’ll wait to find
And stare into this world blind

When one refuses how to see
Hope can last, and always be

Come stand with me, blind and tall
In a world where we’re small
Where infinite is possible
and destiny is there to call

The NoSleep Podcast is Pure Entertainment

The NoSleep Podcast is Pure Entertainment

Podcasts are a form of digital entertainment where first impressions carry a heavy impact. A Podcast relies on capturing the listeners interest quickly, whether it’s by subject matter, or the narration having a mesmerizing effect. It needs to.

The human attention span is a fragile trait, but it’s also an efficient tool for measuring a Podcast’s quality. A Podcast generally has a small segment of time to suck you in and make you a return listener. It’s this very reason that successful Podcasts stand out. they give a listener an instinctual nudge to want to return and hear more.

My journey into Podcasts started with the show Serial, but that was before I knew that a horror option was even available. I am a fan of all things horror. When I looked into horror Podcasts the number one thing that I ran into was the fact that very few could capture my interest past an episode or two. If I was to cast a label as to why, granted it would be a personal opinion, it would be due to narration that I just couldn’t get behind.

Then one day I tripped and fell into the wonderful, chaotic realm of the NoSleep Podcast. It’s my personal opinion that NoSleep defined the genre of horror Podcasts and has developed it into a work of pristine art.


“Through the Mask,” season 6 episode 6 was the first episode I listened to and since then I have become a season pass member. NoSleep is the only Podcast that I’ve paid for to experience their full episodes and I can say that it’s money well spent.

Check out the episode that got me hooked by clicking here.

Behind the Curtains of NoSleep

The NoSleep Podcast is an entertainment venue that is made possible by an incredibly staff. Over the course of time I hope to get in touch and learn more about the people who put in the time, effort, and passion that make every episode such an incredible experience. I can think of  no better place to start than the owner, David Cummings.

David has always been great at getting back to me and I want to state here, thank you for that. You’ve created an incredible Podcast, developed an amazing community, and it’s a shared fact that you make a countless number of people’s lives more fulfilling because of the work that you do.

The following is a Q & A with the mind behind the NoSleep Podcast:

How did NoSleep start out and what advice would you give to people looking to break into Podcasting?

A: Back in 2011 an idea was put forth to create a podcast where some of the top stories on Reddit “Nosleep” subreddit would be narrated. I volunteered as a narrator. When no one else was stepping up to produce it I offered to get the first episode off the ground. I have continued to produce each episode to this day. So, I kind of fell into the role but was able to run with it.

Starting a podcast today is a very different process. I believe it’s harder for independent creators to get heard in a sea of podcast networks and celebrity shows. But if you have a vision for your show the best advice is to simply start it. Get it going and develop it as you go. There are many great resources out there to help with the details but nothing will help more than actually doing your show.

What would you say to someone that hasn’t listened to your show as a way of encouraging them to check it out? What’s the metaphorical “selling point” NoSleep offers to potential listeners?

A: We offer a good ol’ horror storytelling experience as if you’re sitting around the campfire listening to someone tell you what terrifying thing happened to them. We add good quality music and sound design which let’s the listener use their own imagination to make the story particularly frightening to them.

Each of your Podcasts show a lot of hard work has been put into them, but I imagine Podcasting is something that is going to constantly evolve. With that being said, where is NoSleep trying to improve? Additionally, are there areas that you would be comfortable stating NoSleep has perfected its execution?

A: In some ways, we’re taking the age-old tradition of simple oral storytelling and making it available via a modern medium like on-demand audio. We will try to evolve by making our presentations better quality in terms of voice acting and audio production but at some point, you can only enhance the written stories so much. I don’t think we’ve perfected any aspect of our show but there isn’t much point in trying to evolve with audio gimmicks or distractions. The show as it is today is pretty much where I want it to be in terms of presentation. Now we just want to do every aspect better.

The story roles that take place in your entertaining tales, is there a particular method of assigning your narrators to them? I know Marcus Damanda and Jessica McEvoy have a history of working together. Outside of pre-established teams do you look at the content of a story, the characters, and then decide who you think who could play the part best?

A: We have an established team of voice actors now so it’s easier to know whose voice suits a particular role. Certain authors, like Marcus, write characters who fit a certain voice. For other stories, it’s more about the tone of the character. Nikolle Doolin has an elegant voice suited for a strong female role. Peter Lewis plays a sinister character flawlessly. Erika Sanderson can do countless voices/accents/ages so she can fall into any role with confidence. All our actors have a style that makes it easy to know which characters they’ll play. It may be corny to say, but in a way, the role chooses the actor.

What is your personal favorite theme for horror tales and why?

A: I’m a big fan of the traditional haunted house story. I love it when characters are in a location where strange things are happening and they can’t figure out what’s going on while circumstance get more and more oppressive. Things that go bump in the night will always appeal to me – as long as they don’t visit my house.

I’m sure a lot of people would love to be hosted by your talented team and hear their stories come to life. What is the best advice you can give toward those who want to submit content? General rules of thumb here would work as well as common pitfalls that you may have noticed over the years of production.

A: Stories which adapt well to our show have good audio cues. Sounds which we can emulate to set the tone and atmosphere of the story. Good dialogue is another strong trait. It helps establish the characters and their personalities while helping to convey the emotion of the scenes. And, of course, a story which is genuinely frightening will always work well. A story should be told well. It doesn’t have to be high literature with fancy flourishes throughout but it needs to be crafted with some style as opposed to merely sentences strung together as a matter-of-fact reporting of events.

How much time is actually put into a full episode? I know first hand how challenging narration is, do any narrators stand out in terms of slipping out of character and goofing off during a recording? Any funny stories worth mentioning?

A: It’s difficult to say how many hours go into each episode. It’s probably approaching 40 hours these days. We have all our actors working separately so the audio they send us is usually production ready. I’m sure most of us vent some weird stuff during our recording sessions but it’s usually deleted before it corrupts any unsuspecting ears.

Final question: Is there anything you’d like to say to your listeners as well as potential new listeners in closing?

A: I feel it’s worth mentioning that with the horror genre the audience must meet the story halfway. Horror is unique in the sense that it tries to evoke a negative emotion. Laughing at comedy is positive. Swooning at romance is positive. Cheering the action hero is positive. But being terrified and fearful is something we try to avoid in real life. Thus, with horror, you have to allow yourself to be scared and use your imagination to place yourself into the story’s setting. Doing so will make it a much more rewarding horror experience; a place where you can experience terror safely and come away from it having genuinely enjoyed that ‘negative’ emotion.

In Closing

The NoSleep Podcast is more then just a Podcast, it’s an experience. It’s a digital stamp in the world of horror that any enthusiast should be a part of and experience. The NoSleep Podcast is an opportunity to become a part of a community that is passionate about all things horror and something everyone should sample, especially with Halloween being right around the corner.

Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out. Tune in, prepare yourself, and don’t forget to dim the lights.







It takes time to heal
Been walking for miles
I’m starting to feel

The forecast inside
A heart beneath sky
Dampened and darkened

Threaded by lies

Stitches that break
Scars twisting round
As wounds of a fate

And things to forsake

Marks that remain
Stories we name
A call to past-tense

To define our pain

Time that fades soon
Gone with a blink
The change of a tune

And a wish for more

The person that’s left
Stands as a shell
A shamed silhouette

With a need to believe again



image from: http://www.redbubble.com/people/siljaerg/works/16325512-abstract-raven-ink-art?p=photographic-print

Empty footsteps
Hollow to the core
Inside is dying
I can’t feel anymore

Threaded whispers
Tainted by the past
Inside is broken
Light fading away fast

Nothing in me can believe

Tomorrow creeping
It tears me apart
A shadows rising
The break in my heart

Slashed wide open
Once worn on the sleeve
Now bare and broken
Just trying to breathe

Tears a river of lost time
Past that I claim as mine

This poison inside
Spreads to my eyes
A shade of pain
A grief I can’t hide

A moment breaks
The feeling of a place
Living for solution
To the problems I face

Tears stained with hardened ache
Time decays as folds of fate
In search for answers, a constant wait

And the need to have you by my side.

An Author’s Descent Into Podcasts

When trying to rate podcasts there are a variety of things to consider. For beginners, the “best” podcast is something that is up for grabs. It’s not something anyone can really label. It comes down to Podcast content matching a person’s personal interests.

I’m not a large name of any sorts; I’m a singular opinion. I feel an opinion can spawn a following when the suggestions are enticing.

The Podcasts I will be pointing out will be ones of a darker variety. So, for starts, if butterflies and rainbows are your thing…you are in the wrong place.

Without further ado:


I have a love for just about anything scary. I must have been around 7 years old when I declared that my favorite movie was “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Before thinking what the hell childhood did I live, I had a normal upbringing.

I just have a genuine interest in things that can make you stop in your tracks and wonder, “What was that?”

And so my quest began on looking for horror Podcasts, which believe it or not is far more challenging then one might think. As a listener there are a few things that really stick out such as: narration, topic matter, and the consistent release of episodes.

The horror genre of Podcasts is an area that tends to fall in one of two categories: fiction, or non-fiction. It’s all personal preference. This article is going to target fiction, and more specifically: The NoSleep Podcast and the work of author Marcus Damanda.


I want these posts to be fairly fast paced. For that reason I’m going to cliff note specific things so that I can expand on other points that I want these posts to be about, which is direction. Why you should listen to a particular Podcast, follow a specific author, and what episodes you should heavily consider checking out first.

With that in mind, here is what you need to know about the two listed above:

NoSleep Podcast
In my humble opinion, I don’t feel there is a Podcast that is on the same level as NoSleep. Since the very beginning of my Podcast listening experience NoSleep has kind of been my teacher regarding what to look for in a quality broadcast. The people behind the show show incredible enthusiasm, great work ethic, and genuine care for their fans.

On more then one occasion I have reached out to extend compliments toward narrators and authors and have found myself receiving responses. It may seem like a little thing, but to many listeners, hearing something back is a pretty big deal.

There will be a post in the near future going further into this show.

Marcus Damanda
Marcus Damanda, from my personal experience, is a writer that has incredible talent. My first significant encounter with Marcus’s work was in a NoSleep Podcast, Season 7 Episode 3: “Bonfire Girls”

I should point out, I don’t mean to ignore the fact it has a prequel, “Wearing Black,” but Bonfire Girls was the one that really caught my attention. The story began as a tale of curiosity that dove into the world of darkness and influence driven by it. For someone like myself, it was like handing a lover of classics some Shakespearean text that hadn’t yet been discovered, I was hooked.

I reached out to Marcus on numerous occasions and it was always a pleasant experience. I learned about other content he had available through sources such as Audible and Amazon. Clicking either of those attractive blue links will bring you directly to his pages.

Marcus has the ability to capture emotions felt in dark and gloomy times and paint them with artistic precision. He works hand in hand with Jessica McEvoy, an incredibly talented narrator. Together they bring some of the best content I’ve ever run into.

Interview with Marcus

How did you initially become involved with the NoSleep Podcast and what would you say about your experience thus far?

A: I became involved with the NoSleep Podcast thanks to Jessica McEvoy, which I’m sure can’t be too much of a surprise. She was a relatively new narrator of theirs at the time, and was actually narrating her first audiobook for me. That was The Forever Show, and it was my first audiobook as well. It’s pretty bloody for a young adult vampire book, but at one point she asked me if I ever wrote anything more in the adult realm. I answered, “Well, yeah, sure. That’s the audience I started with.” She asked if I would consider submitting a story to David Cummings and the podcast.

They were still a bi-weekly show at the time, episode 7 of Season 4. I dug my old 90s tribute to Edgar Allan Poe, American White Hair, out of my drawer of old, forgotten stories. Ten productions later, the rest, as they say, is history.

What is the inspiration behind your writing? Are there particular things that motivate you to write on the topics that you do?

A: I love make-believe. So much more interesting than real life. I used to stay up late as a kid, back when cable channels only showed R-rated films after hours, and sneak downstairs to watch them. That’s how I first saw The Omen, Halloween, stuff like that. I was mesmerized, damaged, and forever hooked.

What is your favorite “darker” theme to write about in your stories? The reference to servants of a darker being is consistent, but is there something more to it?

A: My favorite “dark” theme to write on is revenge, which was the impetus behind American White Hair, Super Max Dreams, The Paris Green Solution–good God, there must be something seriously wrong with me.

You and Jessica McEvoy make an excellent team together. As someone that has dabbled with writing and narration a little on my own I’ve run into a few of the challenges of writing and performing tales.

Do you find yourself having to make changes in the way stories are written so that they can be narrated more effectively? Or what exactly is your process for when a story is considered “ready to be narrated”?

A: Jessica’s been the narrator for four of my audiobooks now, and has either narrated or shared a lead in every one of my podcast stories. She’s absolutely amazing, of course. I’m so grateful for our partnership and hope it continues for a long, long time. I will say, straight off the bat when I begun the Summer series, I had Jessica’s voice in my head the whole way. There’s no doubt that heavily influenced the way those four stories took shape. For that matter, so does the prospect of having the story on the podcast. I find myself dropping as many details as I can that I think might sound cool. I know I totally had that top of mind when I thought of the shock treatment story angle in Eating the Machine. I knew Jeff Clement, the Summer Stories’ producer, would kill that.

What would you say have been the largest challenges in developing as a writer? What advice would you give those looking to get into these kinds of literary experiences?

A: My biggest challenge is finding the time. Teaching can be an all-consuming job, and I come home exhausted most days. I set my alarm for 4 A.M. to write instead of staying up late to do it. And I have the same dry spells and frustrations as any person who writes, paints, composes, etc. All I can say is to work through it. Take criticism, when it’s constructive. And the hardest thing? Ignore the haters. That really is tough for me. I want everyone in my audience to be happy with what I do, all the time.

What are your personal goals when it comes to content creation? Are you hoping to achieve a particular milestone of sorts? Or is it something you do strictly for fun?

A: My big dream is to have one of my stories adapted as a major motion picture. That’s been the dream since I was nine years old, and I haven’t given up on it yet. I do write for fun, but I also write for approval (disgusting, I know, but I promised myself I’d give you only the truth) and for the hope of one day being shamelessly and filthy rich.

What Podcasts do you personally listen to and what do you like about them?

A: Apart from NoSleep, which should be required listening for every adult human on the planet, I’m also a massive fan of Lore. Educational and horrifying–hits me right where I live, so to speak.

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say directly to the fans of your work? Along with any announcements regarding what they can expect from you in the near future?

A: To anyone who’s ever enjoyed any one of my stories, let me say that I am the lucky one. I will continue to work very hard to keep you in my audience. In the upcoming months, as time allows, I’m hoping to bring the Summer series to a close with three more installments. I’m also at work on something totally different, which I hope NoSleep will take on once it’s good enough to ship off. Not only that, but Jessica just finished recording my Devil in Miss Drake’s Class audiobook series, and I’m more than halfway through the second Salvation State novel.

In Closing

Marcus is an artist in the field of imagination that stands out. He takes time to work on things he is passionate about and shares ideas with those that are willing to listen.

I strongly suggest you check out everything he has to offer. If you haven’t found him on NoSleep yet then now is your time to.

Again, thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions Marcus and best of luck with your current and coming soon projects. I look forward to seeing what you have to deliver.

6 Signs the People You Work With are Full of Shit


We all exist in a world where there is a kind of ‘framework’ to just about any living scenario. Whether this is work, relationships, development of any kind of talent, there are always those stages of growing and ‘achieving’. Well, in that framework there are bosses, and my god how most of them are full of complete and total shit, it is amazing.

These are signs the people around you are full of shit:

At work you feel like you are in a Montel Williams or Dr. Phil casting

When you have a boss that will openly discuss their personal life, the real personal stuff, then you know you are in deep shit. This is the person that will openly engage their personal life on the phone all day long, and you will have to sit there and listen to it. It could be about the family dinner they are having this weekend, the problems their son/daughter are having in a given relationship, or whatever.

The issue here is that you have to take your typical stress of a given job and then on top of that dump the fact that half the time you are going to want to strangle this person. Some duct tape and the desire to make someone a real-life piñata could go a long way given this scenario.

The listen to you half-heartedly

This is the person that will always claim that they ‘understand’, but in fact the way they listen to any kind of information always has that “I know, I know” kind of look in their eyes. DING DING DING, this is a bullshit detector bell going off, not only are they an asshole, but they feel like they are the most important person in a given space.

The boss who isn’t the boss

We all know who this person is, and every establishment has one. You have the head boss, probably the person who stays in their office all day long avoiding interaction at all costs, and then you have this person. This is the person who has the stain of shit across their lips because they have kissed so much ass that they feel some part of management has rubbed off on them as a result. They act like the boss, delegate like the boss, but in all truth when it comes down to it, they aren’t anything truly important.

They use the word ‘inconvenient’

This is another way of laying out the fact that they are clearly insensitive. This isn’t to say I feel like a workplace should be filled with guidance counselors and moral support, but more so the fact that in life, shit happens. When shit happens having a little bit of support is never a bad thing. It’s good to know the people around you have your back through thick and thin. When something comes up and an individual refers to it as ‘inconvenient’ the ideal result would be to tell them to go fuck themselves, oh but wait, that would be grounds for termination. Save it for the day you resign, tag it
with an urgent flag.

Employee celebrations/dinners/lunches are taken over by their stories

Yep, anytime one of these comes along you think about the great positive points, which factually is just the food, but you know the tradeoff is hearing them talk throughout the whole god damn thing. You try to cover up their stories by taking bites that are larger then your usual food intake, but the mental security it provides to block out some of the noise makes it all make sense. If a workplace had a real-life boogey man, this thing and its stories are definitely what would compose the beast.

You would prefer to leave a message that you will be out rather then talk to X person

We’ve all experienced it, something comes up in which you can’t make it to work that particular day, but in order to have it excused in an appropriate way you have to talk to ‘X’ person. You cross your fingers at getting the voicemail for the place of employment, hell, miracles happen sometimes right?

It’s a shame, through growing up we learn a lot of skills, but nothing ever prepares us for dealing with some of the people we have to deal with. The mental charades that take place in our mind because of the amount of negativity these kinds of people can bring about is impressive. The only positive things that people like this bring about is the lesson of restraint, and the establishment of mental breaking points.

Luckily, I am my own boss at this point, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be running into this kind of bullshit again sometime in my life. For the people that do, this is my post, my war cry, that I understand what you are going through.

Gates of Hell

Gates of Hell is a poem that was written in my teenage years. It takes the very real struggle of addiction and defines how it can impact just about anyone. I have a few poems that touch on this theme and have even spoken with some parents that have told me it helped them understand what their child was going through.

Having an impact like that is the greatest honor I can experience as a writer. If I can touch someone’s life to give perspective, give hope, or even just help them experience feeling, then I’ve accomplished everything I hoped to do. Without further ado:

Gates of Hell
gates of hell

I’d put the bottle down
But in the absence of reality
I’m so much closer to my dreams

Seeking to somehow feel alive
That reminder in waking up
I’m the spitting image of a lie

A fix that turns my blood cold
A line I signed to sell my soul
A shadow only my eyes see
With nothing left to believe

I’m finding each second is gaining weight
And things are becoming too heavy to bear

Take a few moments with me
Unaware of time that’s left to spare

I write a note in hope you find
That giving up while in a bind
Was my only option; the hidden clue
I drank to hide from loving you

I abandoned myself long ago
This skin I wear has worn out
What lies beneath isn’t pretty
I feel you need something more

I sewed my eyes shut to block the light
Forever left in the dead of the night
The silence is a harmonious grant
A scar to a heart painted with agony

I’d try to find the words to say
Yet nothing spoken has meant a thing
So here comes that familiar sting
With thoughts that tend to pierce the skin

Here I sit with a simple letter
I could have been more, something better
Yet it’s too late; I bid farewell

And sign my name to the gates of hell

Writer’s Against Writers Carnival

Writer’s Against Writers Carnival 

writer's against writers carnival

I’m putting together a group I’ve decided, writer’s against writers carnival. Spread the word, anyone that is looking for a place to get genuine, professional opinion toward their writing, or just wants a place to converse with like minded individuals, feel free to join up.
You can find the group here:

I don’t even care if you are a part of writer’s carnival, life is full of mistakes, this group is to help you overcome it. It will also be a place to help get your blog looked at by other talented individuals, consider it a win-win scenario.

So, to begin with I am going to tackle the whole idea of respect. The universal concept of respect respect is keeping an open mind, debating opinion without personal investment, after all, thoughts are thoughts. Respect is the security of acceptance, accepting who we are, accepting others, having opinions, and expressing them.

Unfortunately, some people, *cough* writer’s carnival *cough*, can’t stand the idea of someone sharing an opinion outside of their own. When one comes around they battle it like it is some horrid disease, the outcome most of the time of making the website stand on the grounds of what I know as communism, they call it a community.

For all you history buffs out there, I’m not too familiar with communism, but I know at some point or another it got its ass kicked. The US stepped in and stomped on it, as an act to ‘re-enact’ history, I stomped on the communism known as writer’s carnival. The result, some support group discussion, what the fuck, really?

When you electronically get your ass kicked the result apparently is creating a support group about bullying. Judging from what I read on it, I’m sure we all yell at carrots, about as much as we all play with zombie dolls, where the hell do they come up with these frames of thinking? I’m going to spark note this shit, adult attention span and all, but you will get the idea of what I mean:

Lets talk about big bad bullies!

So they decided it was important to give dictionary references to what words mean and then give proper examples.

“Opinion: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Example of Opinion: I don’t like carrots because I think they taste funny and I dislike the way the crunch when I bite into them OR Cats are hairy and I don’t like hair because it makes me sneeze. I wish cat owners would keep their animals indoors.

Abuse: to speak insultingly or cruelly to; revile.

Example of Abuse: I hate carrots because they’re stupid, ugly little arses and they are a disgrace to the vegetable family OR Cats are vile, putrid beasts and anyone who owns them is an idiot who deserves to die.”

Well shit, I don’t know about everyone else who read that, but I feel like I might be a little bit stupider as a result. I personally want my brain cells back.

The last time that I saw a documentary-themed ANYTHING on bullying and such I can tell you that the characters in the story were not fucking carrots. They were human beings that could express emotion and show the result of what happens when improper treatment occurs, however, on writer’s carnival, communism being one of the key elements, the character is portrayed as something that is incapable of responding to a given kind of treatment. 

From that point of view it is quite accurate, that is about as dead on as it gets when it comes to being a part of that miserable, horrible site. 

So, back to my group, calling all writers who want to grow and improve:

At Writers Against Writer’s Carnival here is what you can expect:

Opinion will be met with intellect, not oppression. Ideas are discussed and appreciated, not controlled and edited. The ability to thinks and speak for one’s self is an entitlement for anyone that had the ability to draw breath, and in some cases, some of the greatest lessons ever taught come from those who have already passed on.

What this group will be, will be a networking platform for people that want to talk with like-minded individuals. It will be a place to promote blogs, discuss strategy, whether it is around writing strategy, social media approach, blog promotion, personal writing technique, ect.
It will exist as a tool, never a hindrance.

What it will not be: writers carnival. Nice when you have something to reference that can sum it all up in one word. Saves a lot of time.

Feel free to join today, I have end say on who can and can’t be a part of the group, lets me prevent certain people from joining, it’s a safety hazard🙂

Feel free to drop in and become a part of something great.


Tasting a feeling
A sip of a chance
I capture your eyes
We’re lost in a glance

As two silhouettes
Now standing as one
Unspoken feelings
That rise with the sun

Each day we seek more
A bond that ignites
The beat of my heart
Struck alive by your sight

Words cast in hope
To capture your heart
Let pain be the past
With a breath of fresh start

Two hands held together
A feeling of light
Ties feelings to words
That bind with the night

Lost in our eyes
With nothing to say
I give you my arm
As we capture the day

A step becomes two
We lose track of time
I could do this forever
As long as you’re mine

Each moment a blessing
A chance to just see
As two silhouettes
We stand, you and me

Banning Anniversary of Writer’s Carnival

banning anniversary

It should be noted that this story is older and doesn’t coincide with the present date. It is, however, amusing, which is why I’m going to host it here. So, without further ado:

Writer’s Carnival Banning Anniversary

I’d love to say what kind of anniversary this is, that would require knowing how long I’ve been banned from the horrid site known as Writer’s Carnival, I don’t. What I do know is that gradually as time passes there are more and more victims coming forward that speak of the pain and hardship that they ran into when trying to be a part of the site.

The common theme: they weren’t a part of the moderation team, so, as a general consensus, the writing they provided sucked. Sorry guys, you guys are bad, lets go write about some fucking zombies, aye? Will get some highlights on that site them, maybe even get member of the month if we dress up like a zombie on Valentines day or Thanksgiving, the hell with Halloween, zombies foreva.

I’m serious.

For beginners, I need to say this, when I critique someone for having an unhealthy obsession with zombie things you have to understand where I am coming from. Romero and me are buddies, well, minus when he is trying to get the zombies to learn (Anisa must be influencing him with how she talks to her zombie dolls that she crafts), but that aside trying to make zombies a part of daily routine is kind of like saying you need to have cotton candy every day, it’s not that it isn’t enjoyable time to time, it’s to say that daily it reaches a great amount of stupidity.


I need to watch it, someone from writer’s carnival might read this and take the whole attack on the site this is meant to be and claim I’m racist or something. They are really good at that, taking the solid point of an intellectual attack and basing it around one part of an article🙂

Aside from the constant discussion of zombies I am noticing something else when I scroll through the status updates, it seems like the term ‘ghost town’ has impacted this site. I guess when the truth comes out people get a sense of wonder and feel the need to run like hell, I just cut the ribbon, the rest of the people did what they needed to.

As you scroll through the status updates what you notice is that it is pretty much the same person posting what they are doing during the day. Every other line it is the same person, I’d say it’s desperate, but in a way you have to feel kind of bad. Not really, it’s desperate, and it’s sad. It’s like when a fatal wound is inflicted and someone is staggering their moments to the edge of a cliff, sorry Writer’s Carnival, the truth is a bitch, even more so when it gets out to the public eye.

The cat’s out of the bag, the moderation there:

banning anniversary

That about sums it up. You will believe in every damn thing I have to say or you will have to go elsewhere, “Ya hear me!?”

Yep, I heard you, it’s why your sites population took a dive back to sanity you fucking mental fool.

PS. I am an intellectual person, but I find profanity to sum up so many feelings that it is almost like a spark notes for common day discussion.🙂 Cussing does not make someone stupid unless your name is Anisa.

Where was I a year ago?

On Facebook I got the question: Where was I a year ago on writer’s carnival, that story is going to be a copy paste moment:

I think last year I was going through the process of Anisa trying to convince me to post on that horrid site. I was running my own blog peacefully and along came a drooling beast, I couldn’t understand her very well, things of a lesser intelligence are hard to fully comprehend, but when she supplied a link I decided that it may be worth while to get some separate opinions.
There wasn’t a lot Anisa could explain well, but she made it very clear she loved making zombie dolls and talking to them on a regular basis. Once I bookmarked that in my mind I thoughtfully ignored her to the best of my ability.

Occasionally she would pop up on writing that I would post and would make suggestions that make me think of the mind set I had when I was teaching my son to draw. (discussion for another time)

Often times conversations with her would resemble some of those automated messages you get when you call companies, the difference is at least those messages stood to provide some form of value. The stupidity that would slur from her was a wave of ignorance, the kind of shit that scars the mind forever.

banning anniversary

Lets talk contests. As you can see here there are various trophies, horrible writing conditions, could they be written as a riddle any worse?

ANYTHING GOES (within reason) any genre any theme anyTHING. Should just say “Hell, write whatever you want, it doesn’t matter, we’ve pre-decided whose gonna win this shit. Yo Emmex! You got something written up about a bully? Lets talk about one that gets mean on the internet and how we ban him to save the writing community we gots,” sounds about right. Oh I forgot:

“I know, lets talk definitions and bullying and have the people played out as carrots.”

“That’s fucking brilliant.”

Another thing to notice, you notice that the face in this ad is blue and it has a really weird smile on it? That is because the real thoughts were strangled out of it, as for the picture, it was told to smile or it would have to be replaced. Aka banned.

Somewhere along the top there is a mention about acquiring bragging rights to win a contest here…bragging rights for if you win a contest there. Yes, I said it again, can you imagine that? Is that a reward or a punishment? Can you imagine? You are trying to pitch the idea that you are an accomplished writer:


Publisher you are talking to:

“I’m sorry, but who is that?”

Well, there goes those bragging rights.

You want recognition? Reach out to Huffington Post or an accomplished blogger and guest blog for them. Do something that will actually bring positive attention to your name and writing abilities, do you think a publisher is gonna read a zombie story you put together and go:

Well shit, this site got it right, you are going to the big times. I hear McDonalds is hiring”

You can’t even proudly exclaim that you got some kind of award on this site, it’s name is about as close to truth as truth can be on that site: It is a complete and total fucking circus.

Well, on a good note I feel like I’ve kicked something off that needed to be done, a venture for the truth. Enforcement on the idea of respecting one’s self and understanding talent versus oppression. Any idiot can get hold of a site and run it like a complete and total nazi. The site has crumbled to a community that is left of a few whispers, shit happens.

No hard feelings and what not, oh, that’s with the people I enjoy. You psychotic shits that run the site, you can have it for yourself. By the end of the month it’s going to be Anisa talking zombies and Emmex telling her about her god damn DODO bird.

I’m done, rant over.

If you enjoyed this read about the ban here: http://seanpmonaghan.com/index.php/2016/10/01/writers-carnival-banned/