Weaving Fate

I love you, Kelly.

Weaving Fate

Weaving Fate

The moon will tint the sky
As you live inside my eyes
Capturing my heart
Crafting all I feel inside

The warmth that you create
A weave inside of fate
A crochet of what’s to come
As we hold hands and wait

Lock a promise with a kiss
Every second that we miss
What our heart can’t resist
Is meant to be, forever bliss

Let’s stand and watch the sun
As the light begins to run
Will stand inside the night
With our hearts as they hum

We will stand and hold
Two hands, two hearts, weaving fate…

And never letting go.



Thanks for showing me there is a light inside all of this darkness. You brought someone back that is so unfamiliar…yet it’s without question who I am at my core.

Kelly, thank you. You are my heart.


The chord of my heart

A heart reborn thirsts for more

You have stolen mine

I place it with you

This song, something forever

I am forever yours

Eyes locked together

Body language saying all

We are meant to be

It’s just you and me

And what we want to occur

Ready to live again