6 Signs the People You Work With are Full of Shit



We all exist in a world where there is a kind of ‘framework’ to just about any living scenario. Whether this is work, relationships, development of any kind of talent, there are always those stages of growing and ‘achieving’. Well, in that framework there are bosses, and my god how most of them are full of complete and total shit, it is amazing.

These are signs the people around you are full of shit:

At work you feel like you are in a Montel Williams or Dr. Phil casting

When you have a boss that will openly discuss their personal life, the real personal stuff, then you know you are in deep shit. This is the person that will openly engage their personal life on the phone all day long, and you will have to sit there and listen to it. It could be about the family dinner they are having this weekend, the problems their son/daughter are having in a given relationship, or whatever.

The issue here is that you have to take your typical stress of a given job and then on top of that dump the fact that half the time you are going to want to strangle this person. Some duct tape and the desire to make someone a real-life piñata could go a long way given this scenario.

The listen to you half-heartedly

This is the person that will always claim that they ‘understand’, but in fact the way they listen to any kind of information always has that “I know, I know” kind of look in their eyes. DING DING DING, this is a bullshit detector bell going off, not only are they an asshole, but they feel like they are the most important person in a given space.

The boss who isn’t the boss

We all know who this person is, and every establishment has one. You have the head boss, probably the person who stays in their office all day long avoiding interaction at all costs, and then you have this person. This is the person who has the stain of shit across their lips because they have kissed so much ass that they feel some part of management has rubbed off on them as a result. They act like the boss, delegate like the boss, but in all truth when it comes down to it, they aren’t anything truly important.

They use the word ‘inconvenient’

This is another way of laying out the fact that they are clearly insensitive. This isn’t to say I feel like a workplace should be filled with guidance counselors and moral support, but more so the fact that in life, shit happens. When shit happens having a little bit of support is never a bad thing. It’s good to know the people around you have your back through thick and thin. When something comes up and an individual refers to it as ‘inconvenient’ the ideal result would be to tell them to go fuck themselves, oh but wait, that would be grounds for termination. Save it for the day you resign, tag it
with an urgent flag.

Employee celebrations/dinners/lunches are taken over by their stories

Yep, anytime one of these comes along you think about the great positive points, which factually is just the food, but you know the tradeoff is hearing them talk throughout the whole god damn thing. You try to cover up their stories by taking bites that are larger then your usual food intake, but the mental security it provides to block out some of the noise makes it all make sense. If a workplace had a real-life boogey man, this thing and its stories are definitely what would compose the beast.

You would prefer to leave a message that you will be out rather then talk to X person

We’ve all experienced it, something comes up in which you can’t make it to work that particular day, but in order to have it excused in an appropriate way you have to talk to ‘X’ person. You cross your fingers at getting the voicemail for the place of employment, hell, miracles happen sometimes right?

It’s a shame, through growing up we learn a lot of skills, but nothing ever prepares us for dealing with some of the people we have to deal with. The mental charades that take place in our mind because of the amount of negativity these kinds of people can bring about is impressive. The only positive things that people like this bring about is the lesson of restraint, and the establishment of mental breaking points.

Luckily, I am my own boss at this point, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be running into this kind of bullshit again sometime in my life. For the people that do, this is my post, my war cry, that I understand what you are going through.

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