6 Tips to a Successful Marriage


6 Tips to a Successful Marriage


A marriage is something that is truly delicate; it’s also a HUGE step in a relationship. A lot of people take it without the proper consideration as to what exactly they are getting themselves into. The divorce rate shows exactly what I’m talking about.

My wonderful ex would argue that I should be the last person to discuss ‘successful marriage tips’, and hell, she could be right. I stick with the notion that “what works,” is truly a matter of opinion. We all have an opinion, whether we choose to speak it or not. Those that are silent are that way because life has beaten you down to the point that you become a mime, a mute, and you simply nod your head.

With that idea in mind, that is absolutely no way to live. I’m going to give a crash course of Sean’s own opinion on what can make a marriage work and last, oh yes it will be grand.

A successful marriage relies on factors and concepts, my steady hand will deliver this analysis with surgeon precision and bring you to the depths of hell, I mean happiness.

Marriage Tips that Leave You Feeling Equal!

Try Not to Smile too Much

If you smile too often, you seem ‘too’ happy. Happiness is something that comes round once and a while, and if you abuse the feeling you will forget what it is. Happiness becomes that dirty little secret. If one of you is miserable it’s going to be a target of frustration. “Why the hell are you always so happy?,” go on, deny it, it’s the truth.

The Woman is Never Wrong

As men, we are bound to be the ‘error children’ of the world. We are without depth, and clearly, our life experience does not count. With this in mind a successful marriage is one where the woman can commit no wrong. She is a perfect vessel of knowledge of the greatest caliber.

Men are given the image of a cave man that scratch their ass and doesn’t know how to do anything right. This applies right up until shit hits the fan, then we are supposed to morph into hercules and defend all honor. That is as long as you are respecting ‘space’ and not being over-protective🙂

Her Friends ‘Rock’

Your wife’s friends have to be cooler than yours.

Their stories HAVE to be interesting (yes I know…brutal) and under no circumstance can you be mean to them. They are after all the ‘family’ your woman chooses. A successful marriage means accepting family. When they talk about a trip to Dunkin Donuts and turn it into half hour story where Abu behind the cash register winks at the girl, it becomes a full-fledged romantic story. It starts with a latte and continues to a climax where he proposes and offers a private jet trip to India.

I know, kidding, not everyone that works at Dunkin Donuts is Indian. It’s just a stereotype I’m having fun with. Oh, the romantic story? No, that really happens.

Your Mother-In-Law is an Angel

Again, this is where you might as well get some Vaseline because the friction involved with the insertion of some items can be quite painful. A successful marriage means your mother in law can do no wrong, and anything she does wrong is not of ill will, it is simply a mistake, and probably your fault. Oh, lets not forget that it should always be forgiven.

Oh don’t pay any attention to the financial deficit they have put you in, everything is okay. This fact applies right up until the in-law is beyond the aid of one’s personal abilities at which point they craft excellent plans to improve the situation, starting at naming replacements for your ass to their daughter. Yes, Mother In-Law’s are truly a blessing.

Money is of No Object

You are going to be the entrepreneur of the century cause guess what: men have discovered the secret to growing money trees. We have put into effect what science cannot; we can take a penny and grow dollar bills from the ground.

A successful marriage operates on the principal that you have so much money that you can never spend enough. $200 dress? Sure, throw it in the bag! Who needs rent when you can hang out in an alley wearing that?

Accept you’re a bad driver

A successful marriage means minimal arguing right? Well, no matter what you do when you drive, you suck. It will be an immediate panic attack, and don’t forget, the other driver is always right! Especially if they are a sweet old person.

Don’t get me wrong, I love old people, especially when they are genuine, but guys…your driving becomes impaired over time…my grandfather ran red lights and claimed he’s good to go. He turned into oncoming traffic and considered it to be the signs at fault… As you age… get off the road if you can’t tell the brake pedal from the gas.

A Successful Marriage is Plain and Simple

The truth of the matter is marriage is very difficult. It’s a matter of taking preference and desires and making them clear expectation. Like it or not, marriage is when you decide to ultimately make the big sacrifices, to take a person’s feelings serious enough to make them a top priority.

I absolutely do joke about marriage, but then again, I take very little serious. When you watch your own marriage crash and burn you tend to keep an open mind toward how most of them work in general, but regardless, it doesn’t take away the sour taste in your mouth from having experienced it personally.

Those tips will lead a couple to a successful marriage in days. Don’t hold back the love and fun now, take the step, and with those tips of genuine interest, you will keep that sparkle in her eyes forever.

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