This was written for a special someone that stole my heart unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life-time. Kelly, thank you 🙂

You know what you mean to me and privacy is something that we both value, so I will keep this to a dedication and keep the more substantial details where they should be, something we know and share as we wish to share, together.


I feel you take the dark inside

And cast a shade, a different tide

You take me to another place

Where I hold on tight to you

As our hearts lock as one

A warmth akin to summer’s sun

I take your hand in mine

Losing myself in your eyes

We cast the claim of meant to be

We stand as one, you and me

Every breath we share today

I never thought I’d find this

As our lips lock with a grin

Love’s true mark filling in

We cast the call forever

Will never let this go

Standing with your hand in mine

Knitting two lives that we bind

And with a kiss we lock them tight

We are forever, like the night.

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