Podcasts- A Hunt for Great Content


I’ve decided this site is going to to mainly about Podcasts. I will still contribute poetry and short stories, but anything outside and beyond that, nah.

It simply takes too much time to go in several directions.

There are specific Podcasts that really stand out to me and I think I’m going to point out episodes I like most, reviews, and even narrators that I think make a big difference.


I’ve dabbled into narration myself, it’s tough. It’s harder then any of the voice actors/actresses are given credit for. The psychotic feeling of talking to yourself is only the beginning of this challenge. Tie in dialogue and two different genders in a scene and you can get the idea, it can get a bit challenging to “capture” the variety of voices that may be necessary.

Certain people stand out for certain roles because their voice portrays certain feelings in a brilliant way. Solid narration makes a huge difference. It can be the difference between a great story or a slumber fest.

Anyways, back to the point here. Podcasts captures my interest back when I first listened to Serial about the Anon case, from there I explored. As a natural lover of horror I ventured directly into that area of Podcasts to see what my options were.

I’ve been all over the place when it came to my options. I will state hands down that NoSleep Podcast, found here, is my personal favorite. Whether you are looking for great stories, or great mentors to improve your own narration, you find it all here.

My first article more than likely will be covering a few stories by them that I consider my favorite. I will provide links to anything that I list. I have not seen anyone that covers horror Podcasts in a manner that really drives people to check them out more, which is why I want to be that and do that.

Podcasts that you can expect me to bring up as time moves forward are:

The NoSleep Podcast

Myths and Legends (Not horror but great quality)

Jim Harold- Campfire and Paranormal Podcast

Anything Ghost Show

The Black Tapes

These are just to name a few. If anyone has suggestions that they would like me to check out then I am all ears. I’m always in favor of running into new quality content.

I look forward to putting this together and knowing the direction I now want to go. With any luck I will be able to get some of the Podcasts to give personal input toward some of the articles. It may be facts, it may be direct talk with a narrator or author, any kind of addition would be great.

I have been in touch with a few of the people behind these Podcasts and they are great, hard-working, creative people.

Anyways, on a final note, this isn’t being done for any form of money. This is more about passion, exposure, and networking in no particular order. I’m doing this because I support the efforts put into these forms of entertainment and if I can get more people to check it out and spread the word of something truly enjoyable, then I’m going to do exactly that.

I will try my best to post twice a week. I’ve been bad at keeping a schedule, but I will do my best.

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