A Quest for Change

A quest for change

How many of us are 100% the person we want to be? The answer to this question is very few. That’s not to say that many of us aren’t content with ourselves, but it is to say that an option of change wouldn’t go unnoticed. This very reason creates a routine that we follow, a quest for change, in hopes to become something better.

What is a healthy way to apply change? What approach grants the room to grow as opposed to constrain? The answer to this is universal: baby steps.

There is never a reason to rush adjusting ourselves, and change is something that can’t be forced. It takes time. Change is something that develops from consistency, it doesn’t offer instant gratification.

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You have to take time to appreciate the person you are in order to take those steps toward being someone or something else. A lot of us fall into bad patterns and eventually turn into hating who we become, hate away. Hate is still a form of appreciation. It pushes until there is an internal pulse that says “hey, this sucks, lets do something about it.”

There is not a single point where we can’t change. Other people may label you, or may be convinced that you are a certain way, but that doesn’t hold a time stamp of forever. No matter what though, when you make an effort to change who you are, you are doing it for yourself, not the satisfaction of others.

A large obstacle of change is logic. If someone is going to change something about themselves it has to make sense.

Back to the baby steps concept and there being no instant gratification. Change relies on consistency. Until change is part of normal routine and instinct then you really haven’t reaped the benefits it has to offer, which offers an important point. You can’t force change to be permanent, it has to happen become instinctual from consistency. Good things never come easy.

Another reason this “forced change,” is a bad approach is because if we get lost chasing the person we want to be, we leave the person we are extremely vulnerable. Any rush while trying to adjust who we are will simply leads to a bad outcome. It’s like anything in life, you have to take it in small doses to truly understand it.

Think of it this way, have you ever known someone who claimed “I need to start doing this,” or “I take this too serious and it’s bad for me,” and then lo and behold you witness a looney toon persona. For about a week they become this alien from what you normally know of them, but then it dies out. They completely give up on being something else and go back to being who they were.

Change needs to be approached the right way.

Change is something anyone can achieve. Life can be discouraging; the people we become can be shameful, friends can be unreliable, moments can be heartbreaking, but things falling beyond control is a personal choice. It’s only when we choose to quit that the game is finally over.

Live life in a way to build yourself into something you’re proud of. Set realistic expectations around and never quit. Take on challenges you should probably fail, but take notice, the largest lessons come from failures. Believe in yourself when no one else wants to. I’m the very definition of a pessimist, but even I can atone to this fact:

The only person who can quit on you, is yourself. As mentioned this post could be complete and total babble, but, if it inspires in the slightest bit, or even grants the chance for a smile, mission accomplished.

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