Weaving Fate

I love you, Kelly.

Weaving Fate

Weaving Fate

The moon will tint the sky
As you live inside my eyes
Capturing my heart
Crafting all I feel inside

The warmth that you create
A weave inside of fate
A crochet of what’s to come
As we hold hands and wait

Lock a promise with a kiss
Every second that we miss
What our heart can’t resist
Is meant to be, forever bliss

Let’s stand and watch the sun
As the light begins to run
Will stand inside the night
With our hearts as they hum

We will stand and hold
Two hands, two hearts, weaving fate…

And never letting go.



Thanks for showing me there is a light inside all of this darkness. You brought someone back that is so unfamiliar…yet it’s without question who I am at my core.

Kelly, thank you. You are my heart.


The chord of my heart

A heart reborn thirsts for more

You have stolen mine

I place it with you

This song, something forever

I am forever yours

Eyes locked together

Body language saying all

We are meant to be

It’s just you and me

And what we want to occur

Ready to live again


This was written for a special someone that stole my heart unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life-time. Kelly, thank you 🙂

You know what you mean to me and privacy is something that we both value, so I will keep this to a dedication and keep the more substantial details where they should be, something we know and share as we wish to share, together.


I feel you take the dark inside

And cast a shade, a different tide

You take me to another place

Where I hold on tight to you

As our hearts lock as one

A warmth akin to summer’s sun

I take your hand in mine

Losing myself in your eyes

We cast the claim of meant to be

We stand as one, you and me

Every breath we share today

I never thought I’d find this

As our lips lock with a grin

Love’s true mark filling in

We cast the call forever

Will never let this go

Standing with your hand in mine

Knitting two lives that we bind

And with a kiss we lock them tight

We are forever, like the night.

What Falling in Love Means to a Man

What Falling in Love Means to a Man

falling in love

This is an older post of mine, one that I have no intention of editing, but I will post it as an as-is kind of thing. It’s about love, and what love means from the male perspective. This is what falling in love means to a man.

What Falling in Love Means to a Man

Love is one of those things that falls under such heavy analysis that everyone has a different definition for it, yet nobody understands it. Women have a definition, men have a definition, both sides are equally wrong, yet both has concepts that can be agreed upon, such as, love drives us all to a stage of crazy. It breaks us out of a comfort zone and places emotions and feelings in the hands of another, and lets face it, there is no scarier feeling then the idea of someone else having control over what we feel.

There is a reason that most relationships don’t work out, the fear gets the best of us, boundaries are set that are borderline impossible to respect, or one side is simply more juvenile than the other. Whatever the case may be, love is a pain in the ass, yet something that we all search so hard to feel.

A lot of men get criticized for not ‘loving’ enough, or not ‘caring’ enough, and that is the confusing piece of emotion I am going to attempt to explain. The factors of what it means to a man to fall in love.

The Myth of Being ‘Over-Protective’

We have all heard about the guy that is deemed over-protective, hell, I’m one of them. I am a piece of the myth, but the fact is, we are over-protective because we give a shit. You hear the stories about the girl who goes “My man lets me do anything I want, we both have our own separate lives, and then we have each other”


Immediately what you can take from this is that the guy does not give a shit, want to know why? When a guy loves a girl he wants to share days, he wants to share time, and in one way or another compromise is developed that lead you both to have your separate interests and hobbies, but separate lives is a different thing all together.

A man is meant to be protective, think about the dog mentality, loyalty and protective. If a man cares about a woman the one thing that you can give us credit for is the fact that we will rip the head off of anything that threatens her. Whether the woman is in the right or wrong of a given moment, that very moment the man will defend her and challenge anyone who says otherwise. You know a man loves you when he is willing to stick his neck out for you regardless of the cause. If he lets you fight your own battles and wants nothing to do with your drama, you don’t mean a damn thing to him.

The Possessive Theory

Men get deemed possessive when they begin to explain boundaries, and this is another concept that gets on my nerves. When two people get to know one another it is normally a pretty quick trip to find the pet peeves and the things one another won’t stand for. When you fast-forward a year into a relationship it isn’t going to magically change, but often times one side or the other is supposed to be ‘accepting’ to change. I don’t agree.

When a man puts full claims to what he doesn’t like, people he doesn’t like, and things that he doesn’t want you to be out and about doing, it is because WE CARE. Don’t believe me? Push the board enough times, experience enough fights about particular topics, and watch when we suddenly don’t give a damn about what you do with your social outings. The second we stop giving a damn it’s because we’ve given up on trying to encourage you to care about the balance of feelings in the relationship, and are essentially preparing ourselves and protecting our heart.

The Close Guy Friend

Men don’t like guys that make a point of being a close friend to our women. Now, if we were all in the same social circle and knew each other all along, that is one thing, and even that comes with its set of hesitancy and potential for disaster, but in the event it is someone who is met somewhere along the way, that is a breach of comfort of another level entirely.

We don’t trust the guy friend, the guy friend almost never has genuine intentions in mind. Sure, there are guys that can be friends and have that close friendship interest and nothing more, but it is rare. If the girl is attractive and the guy is her friend and he is given the opportunity to try and make it something more, chances are he will. Guys have an internal radar about us, and we can also see through the glamour of ‘Mr. nice guy’ and see in his place, captain douche bag.

It is often claimed as jealousy, when in fact we are simply protecting what we claim as ours. Before that is labeled as ‘possessive’ and debated as “no one belongs to anyone”, when a guy gives a girl his heart, he is owning that he belongs to her in a level of affection, romance, and care. It is a mutual agreement. Before you get all ‘self-empowerment’ on me, shut up, you know what I mean, I’m simply stating what most people fear admitting.

The Odd Nights Out

As mentioned in another post by me, the reasons a man doesn’t like his woman going out without him, it all rings true. Men don’t like their women going out without them because its simply an invitation to problem. When you commit and you truly take the step to the boundaries of love, with it come certain expectations and sacrifices. One of these things is the late nights out alone shouldn’t really be an option.

Before you rant and rave, if it matters, don’t claim love. Claim you are together, that you have fun, but love hasn’t come into the picture yet. So many people throw the word love around but don’t have a damn clue what it means. Love is sacrifice, plain and simple. Falling in love is the ultimate vulnerability. Falling in love means that you are making yourself available to get hurt, and no one likes to get hurt.

When Love is Broken

When a man falls in love he takes the tough bravado of himself and opens a new door to himself, one that he only lets particular people into. It’s a step of ultimate vulnerability, but falling in love is exactly that: vulnerability.

When the love between a man and woman gets abused, it can rarely be repaired. I’m speaking from the viewpoint of a man, a woman’s would be different, but for men, getting over hurt is an entirely different battle that many of us never truly achieve.

Think about a dog that you have at home that is loyal and loving and you scold it for things that it didn’t do. You see confusion in its eyes, you see uncertainty, but still underneath it all there is that loyalty that hangs strong and doesn’t fall away.

To a man the very same can be said about trust, if we love you we will be loyal, we will take on the world before letting you feel discomfort and pain, but the moment that love and loyalty is abused and ignored we become broken men. That level of trust and care may still be there underneath it all, but the path to uncovering all the pain and hurt is one that we randomly head towards, and one that has no set time frame as to when things will become normal again.

This is the very reason why love needs to be viewed for what it is, a privilege, an opportunity to feel something that will fulfill you in ways that nothing else can. You have to handle it right, otherwise you risk the possibility of losing it forever.

The Killing Joke- Memories Monologue

The Killing Joke- Memories


Image courtesy of nerdiest found here

The Killing Joke “Memories” monologue, to me, pretty much defines Joker as a character. It shows who he is at the core, well that, and it’s just an awesome dialogue all together.

I gave it a shot with the same rules applying, I attempted it with my own style. I’ve seen a lot of people do incredibly jobs impersonating it, I’d much rather try to make something of my own out of it though.

Opinions/Critique/Suggestions are all welcome.



Batman: The Killing Joke Narration

Batman: The Killing Joke Narration

the killing joke

The Joker, as mentioned in a previous post, is my favorite character. His dark persona makes his dialogue exciting, but at the same time incredibly challenging. In the Killing Joke this applies as true as ever.

The original uploaded file had an issue with the speed of the file being amplified and having no idea as to how to reverse it. Below is a new version that I feel sounds a bit better.

In this narration I try to place my own touch on the “One Bad Day,” Monologue from the animated movie Batman: The Killing Joke.

The original scene can be found by clicking here.

Music from my clip is provided from here.

Joker Narration Attempt Number 2

Joker Narration

I’ve decided Joker is probably the hardest narration to drive on account of it being so well done from Heath Ledger. After several attempts I came up with this:

Joker Monologue from the Dark Knight

Joker Monologue The Dark Knight

I personally feel this one is a bust, but I tried it anyway because I wanted to. Well that, and the fact my friend said I should give it a try. The Joker is my favorite character of all time.



Once we established that me trying to mimic the voice wasn’t an option I went with trying to spin my own style.

This is an example of audio realms where I need to adapt and learn a bit more, but that’s what this is all about. Finding my strengths and weaknesses and then making an effort to grow from there.

Personal Perspective Narration

Personal Perspective and Change

personal perspective

This audio has the background music by V for Vendetta, partially because it’s the flavor of the day, and partially because I have know just about nothing about taking an audio recording and properly pairing it with music that supports the words.

Baby steps I suppose.

This narration is about personal perspective, change, and the challenge we run into on a universal platform. The writing is my own.

In life…our greatest enemy is ourselves. Taking the time to grasp that concept and flip the switch, turning it from a nemesis to a dear companion, can make the experience of life something we never knew existed.

V for Vendetta Revolution- Speech Narration

V for Vendetta Revolution- Speech Narration

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta is one of my all-time favorite movies. I love the revolutionary speech that V gives in it. It takes the idea of unity, (real unity, unlike the circus of protests that we have going on in today’s world), and highlights the potential power behind it.

Any critique is appreciated. I’m just putting my feet into the water in this realm of creativity and I’m aware that there is a lot to learn. Feel free to tell me if there is something I can improve and things I should be watching out for. It would all be appreciated.

The original video from the V for Vendetta movie can be viewed by clicking here.