Behind the Prison of Two Eyes



Behind the Prison of Two Eyes

Splinters of bone push through the skin
I couldn’t keep the demon in
The screams and wails, and broken nails
Like a pedicure to the broken mind

Salvation I had hoped to find
Became the subject of a fantasy
I couldn’t hide what lay inside
And I became a tarnished lie

Consumed by shadows, absorbed by hate

The image of tomorrow
Becomes the ashes of a dream
Wishes become nightmares
Left ripping seam by seam

Hopes become timid scars
Each breath taken away
Led to a realm of loss
Lasting forever and a day

This twisting path could go on forever

It wouldn’t matter, all looks the same
Poison floods driving insane
Varied shades of filth and decay
Unspoken doubts each step of the way

Inside grasps and holds a toll
The lone familiar, stinging cold
It drapes the skin, it chills inside
Chained, alone, stripped of pride

A body bound with memories ties
Trapped inside confusion’s lies
Pain constained inside a sigh
Behind the prison of two eyes

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