Broken Man Beyond Repair

broken man beyond repair
broken man beyond repair
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Broken Man Beyond Repair

Empty whispers in my eyes
Followed by disheveled sighs
Each breath constrains, a lust for pain
The world I knew, it’s not the same

My throat closed shut, emotions tie
Topped with a bow and firm goodbye
I am the victim of myself
The scream that see’s no sign of help

I signed my name, a thought for tomorrow
The pain that came, the deepest sorrow

For a moment I somehow knew
There was nothing left for me to do
Fatigue filled inside, a pulse of pride
Breathing still, barely alive

The cold chill, it touched my skin
The fix that sticks, the purest sin
The pain that won’t go away
It’s part of me, like light and day

For a moment I held on tight
And became one with the night

I tried to somehow raise my head
Internally, already dead
The world left me, broke, bound
All that’s left are empty sounds

Scars when traced tell of the past
The things in life that never last
Searching for some empathy
A place to hide, a place to be

It speaks of empty, it somehow sees
Why there’s nothing left for me

I play the scarecrow to my smile
Living in a pure denial
Time it seems is stuck in place
With pain that’s frozen on my face

Every breath is chilled design
With hope I never seem to find
And still I walk, I walk away
Absent from thought, another day

And yet the thoughts won’t go away

I touch my arm to test the pulse
Slow and steady, seeming false
The trickery in fate’s design
The hate is all I claim as mine

Each day is filled with broken bliss
Fragments to things I’ll never miss

Yet they stick around anyway

Come get lost inside my eyes
They will feed you with my lies
As they tamper and deceive
You will find the heart of me

Bent to hell, it can’t believe

Corrupt and broken, lifeless strands
The symbols of my final stand
A heart that gives in, lost in time
Is broken without hope to find

And while it may reach, it may hope
A broken heart, it cannot cope

The pain will hide and always tame
The whisper that will drive insane
Like a shadow, always there

A broken man, beyond repair

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