Broken Picture

broken picture

Broken Picture

broken picture

Trying to see
What stands at my side
I’m picking apart
Lies lost in the tide

Sore and I’m seething
In tired of breathing
Yet something inside
Is itching to get even

I’m aching, I’m breaking
Fueled to keep hating
I saw the dark hole
Yet I kept on forsaking

Who would have known
You’d be the knife in my back
The puncture that bleeds
And the bones that will snap

It’s that rush inside me
Yet it’s starting to slow
I’d tell you the outcome
But who really knows?

It’s the blood that is dripping
It’s the back and the whipping
And that need inside knowing

I was right all along

Take my wrist
Engrave my fist
Things are about to change

Taste my kiss
Embrace the bliss
As I rewrite your name

As inside fills
Stained with time
All the pain with more to find

I’m watching, I’m knowing
The future is slowing
Cold inside, forever-growing

I’ll be there to watch you fall
As the broken picture on the wall

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