I can feel the anger
It seethes inside my bones
It fixates my interest
When I am all alone

I can feel tension
It spreads across my skin
Tasting life’s impurities
Originating sin

A grin begins to surface
It spreads across my face
As my eyes mislead lies
Will you have a taste?

I will take your interest
And poison with a sound
As words shadow hope
Care’s left here broken

Alone, and bound.

Image from: http://psion005.deviantart.com/art/This-Poisoned-Heart-Of-Mine-108813005




Inside’s a coat of hate
A list of broken fate
Cast out from my eyes
Across a dreamy slate

Steps slow and cold
Cares that slowly fold
Inside each desire
A shadow there to hold

I’m broken in the mirror
Thoughts becoming clear

Tears can tell a tale
Hopes hanging by a nail
Lost in this abyss
Needs are turning stale

I need a way to stand
Pain has stained my hands
Never looking back
It’s one step without a plan

A crack inside the wall
The cover to my fall
This moment casts a gloom
Stumbling, I crawl

A shade inside the seam
A ghost becomes a fiend
Looking through the mess
Echoes by a final scream

A scream that echoes silent
Something everyone can hear

Image from: http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Here-What-Overwatch-Heroes-Would-Look-Like-Dark-Souls-Bosses-140517.html




Pulse left dripping
Eyes are bare
Reaching out
Yet, finding air

Drained of life
A poisoned soul
Clouds of thought
With no control

Despair’s hand
Clenching tight
Breaking dreams
Creating night

Scars that stain
That take a name
Engraving you
Spreading pain

You will be my story
My crafted masterpiece

Image from: https://www.pinterest.com/source/chrisozfulton.deviantart.com/

Buried Beneath Today

Buried Beneath Today

buried beneath today

Bound, I’m incomplete
Hope is at my feet
Eyes a tear of time
Hungry for some sleep

Inside’s a throb of pain
Life isn’t the same
Every passing moment
I sign off with my name

Time is bare of thought
Endless pain, I caught
Every breath I take
Laced by times forgot

Words a splinter’s point
Reaching for a way
As my hope is torn
Buried beneath today

Image originally from here

As Love and Hate Collide

As Love and Hate Collide

A shard inside my heart
Snared, it breaks apart
Try to sew the wounds
Pain prevents a start

I try to find my breath
Finding nothing left
As I close my eyes
Feeling for my chest

A beat that’s underneath
Strangled, incomplete
Reaching for a home
Starving with a need

Stories carved inside
Pain that i hide
I watch the world spin
As love and hate collide

The World I Once Knew

The World I Once Knew

world i once knew

The World I Once Knew is a poem about how we grow and eventually look back and wonder, how has the world changed? This is another written back in 2014, bringing all poetry back to life.

The wind chimes of the night
Played a melody inside
Caressing all the broken hopes
That lost their breath in stride
I tried to keep the demons in
They traced along my skin
With every scar, a lace of time
That celebrated sin

The pain inside became invoked
Each second wearing thin
The ticks of time became a mesh
Of light that slowly dimmed

Breathless and left incomplete
My heart chained to the floor
I’d push to last another day
But I can’t take much more

I’ve whispered prayer to myself
I’ve told the biggest lie
As my heart began to fade
I watched it slowly die

When it lost its core of need
Wound surfaced on the skin
And as I watched it slowly bleed
I watched the world spin

In the moment of last grasp
Left beaten, black, and blue
I watched the world slowly fade
The world I once knew

Past Tense

Past Tense

past tense

Past Tense is a poem that I wrote back in 2014. I’m going to leave it as is, I’ve grown as a writer since then, but for the sake of originality, as-is.

These breaths are lifeless
These eyes are damned
Don’t have the strength,
Or will to stand

Fault lines my mind
A mix of time
With all the answers
I couldn’t find

Stretched with the need to find tomorrow

With chains that drag on broken ground
A voice that’s void of human sound
Look yourself dead in the eye
Fight when life’s a withered sigh

Each day begins with a doubt
What can we live with, and without

Face the demons deep inside
A smile of mischief
And pain to hide
Grip them up, wish them well
And send them packing, back to hell

A soul that’s broken with a hole
Heals with the strings of self-control

Swallow grief, bend with will
Never give up on tomorrow
As hopes are thin, pain is full
All thoughts are bathed in sorrow

It’s the need to see
The sense for more
Admission that inside is sore

It’s the moment you choose to live again
That everything else becomes the past



Loss adrift
Broken bliss

Lost inside
Yet alive

Cold ensnares
Empty air

In defeat

Empty still
Without will

Fade away
Now, today

Nightmare Inside Me

Nightmare Inside Me

From: http://wallarthd.com/imagepics/nightmare-art-wallpaper-15939.html

I cast my thread of empty hope
Tying shut all I don’t know
This masquerade of broken dreams
The silhouettes not what they seem

Tears fall to pattern, a story misplaced
Reflecting the changes that lie in my face
They spill the story, just who I am
And the fall I viewed in my last stand

Cause I held on for so long
And I can’t find where I belong

These eyes are tired from the grief
The illusion hides what’s underneath
This front I’ve shown has met the end
A puppet to my own pretend

Cause when I reached to feel something
I met the ashes of my past
The love and hate that couldn’t last
And a wish to belong never answered

The more I reach, the further I fall
The whisper that is my hope’s last call

Each breath feels like forever
I forget when things could simply be
This fabrication thats become me
A patched up batch of broke belief

When you have nothing left to stand by
Count your breaths with each cold sigh
And walk away, there’s nothing left
A hole that spreads along my chest

I had no choice but to let go
I’ve lost all I’ve ever known

At one time I had a heart
Pain chipped away, broke it apart
And when I reached to grasp it close
It seized and faded as I let go

The tarnish spread like a disease
The pain became all that was me

I watched a world slowly fade
I watched a life fade day by day
One final clutch, a dance with tide
A last embrace with this dark side

And the fading reminder deep inside
Of all the pain I seem to hide
Nothing left to reach or see
Left with this nightmare inside me



The last breath of a dream
The weight breaks the back
The blank stare that becomes
The empty shell left behind

I can almost smile sincere
The lashes on my back
Trails of a struggled story
Scars of a better time

When the pain traded
Granted the life worth living

Life pours from my eyes
A collection of these broken times
The very ideals that kept
Everything as chance worth chasing

Yet one can’t forget
A life withered and wasting

When you look me in the eye
Don’t focus on the pain
Focus on the endurance to the pain
And the reminder of what one

Can survive