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Double Deez Tattoos

Double Deez Tattoos

Double Deez Tattoos

I got my first tattoo at the age of 18. I’m creative and find that power behind an image can be something that only a few people can really grasp and understand. It’s for this very reason that great tattoo artists stand out in comparison to those that simply do it for the sake of a job.

Andrew Harris is someone that I’ve known since Kindergarten, which based around a rule of time would grant me the ability to say, I know him pretty well.

If personality paid in today’s world, Andrew wouldn’t have to work. He has a way with people that contributes toward his actual calling: art, and the skill of tattooing. His skill and his passion in the work makes his shop stand out amongst his competition, which is exactly why you should take a minute to cast him a vote to generate the recognition his establishment deserves.

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double deez tattoosdouble deez tattoos

This article goes beyond the effort to recognize a friend that has a gift. this is a statement to drive the quality of work that his shop has to offer. He has a variety of artists that excel in their craft and offer the very best to their clients.

The list of artists, as well as their art portfolios can be found by clicking here.

double deez tattoos

Many of us find ourselves crawling through search engines when making the decision of a tattoo. It is, after all, a decision that lasts forever.

The value behind these online polls and contests has become a reference point of security. I can state first hand that if you are looking for someone that delivers the perfect tattoo experience, then look no further. From the moment you walk inside the shop, up until the completion of the tattoo, you will be in good hands at Double Deez Tattoos.

Getting to Know the Artist- Andrew Harris


What made you want to become an artist?

Ever since middle school I wanted a tattoo. I begged my parents for a machine, which they declined, but they let me get my first piece of art at the age of 16. I was hooked. Being an artist wasn’t even something that came to mind, but with fate being a funny thing, tattooing kind of chose me. Bill “Wizard” Paterson was a friend who offered an opportunity working in his shop, at that point it was just a customer services opportunity, but it grew from there.

Did you get an apprenticeship? Or What was the training involved?

Working at Wizards put me in a position where I learned a lot from daily observation. An apprenticeship was offered, which is extremely rare. Most people need to search for them, I was really lucky. After 2 years of dedication I absorbed enough to be ready to tattoo and take on clients.

During this time I ran myself into debt, I put all my time into learning, it was all a risk, but I knew it was what I wanted to do. If I had to redo it, I would make the same choices. 

What is your personal style of tattooing?

I like to work off of photos, otherwise known as photo realism and prefer black and grey as opposed to color.

Is there a specific accomplishment thus far in your career you’re most proud of?

Some artists may highlight specific pieces of work they’ve done, and sure I have pieces I’m proud of, but the most valuable accomplishment, to me, is the group of artists I work with on a regular basis. Shops have a common ground for trouble and that is keeping artists working together, in sync, with minimal problems. Ego’s can be an issue, self-empowerment, the things you would expect in a skill-driven occupation.

The group we have here is a family, we moved up from the co-worker status a long time ago. We rely on each other.

What’s the most challenging part of tattooing?

The fact that there is no room for error. Everything is permanent and clients expect things to go perfect, which is completely reasonable, it should go perfect.

Any advice for people thinking about getting their first tattoo?

It’s not a rush. Take your time and do your research. So many times i’ve seen people rush it just to get it done and that isn’t what tattooing is all about. Tattoo’s are about expression and appreciating the end outcome of a piece of art. People tend to forget that tattoos last for a little while.

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Andrew is a hard-working artist that took a chance and pursued the strongest passion of his life. Was there risk? Absolutely. Concerns? You bet. Did they pay off? Andrew wouldn’t trade what he does for a living for anything.

This is a chance to give back to a shop that cares so much about art, and the work they do involving it. Take a minute to give appreciate them for their hard work, cast a vote with a click, and promote artist’s that are truly passionate about what the work they do.

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