End of the Night

end of the night

All these scattered dreams
Nothing what it seems
Yet all the things I’ve seen
Seem caught up in between

This edge inside of me
Darkness that I see
When all that I will be
Releases from its sheath

A night of twists and promise
A breath away from everything

This leech of life inside
A fight I keep alive
With every breath, a sigh
A step toward something new

I rip you off my sleeve
Heart knowing what it needs
While this wound will bleed
I’m breaking through it all

That pain inside that comes awake
Darkened shape that become fate

The clamp that’s on my chest
It never lets me rest
While inside, lays a mess
Outside is looking fresh

Tears waiting to descend
That seek some kind of end
A thought of knowing when
Things can be okay again

Every start will share an end
Blends of truth and pretend

Every end will shed some light
And call the end to the night

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