Fade Away With a Grin

fade away with a grin

Fade Away With a Grin 

I’m patching up my soul
This silence is a hole
I tell myself to look away
Before my hand will fold

The bind is getting thick
The heart is getting sick
The trails in these eyes
Are void, lost in abyss

Dreams drenched with despair
Breathing cold from the air
A silent moment spreads
As voices plague and tear

Burden stamps the mind
Strands and threads of time
Reaching deep inside
As things pass without a sign

fade away with a grin

Every breath a failed start
Exhaust has made it’s mark
Sewing up the shadows left
Of a broke and bleeding heart

Carve the whispers in my soul
A sacrifice of final toll
Gateways leading to my hell
As I’m losing all control

Left without a voice
Undeserving of a choice
Every step echoes defeat
Left with fate to meet

Shattered fragments smashed inside
True intentions that we hide
With my back against the wall
Embracing what’s denied

Cold chill ties to my eyes
Expose the darkest lies
The road  to survive
And what becomes deep inside

Ice laces deep within
The cold inside, warmth getting thin
I close my eyes and smile

And fade away with a grin

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