There was a demon with no mouth
It told too many lies
And every time it blinked its eyes
Came a dreams demise

Because with every minute came the rot of time
It held the voices in its head; until it became a mind

And each hour entertained
A path it could not find
And with its mouth went its eyes
This demon lived on blind

A world filled with second guesses
Hopes and wishes too
It faded to the darkest corners
It’s flesh was black and blue

It started pure with dreams so fresh
Taken by the tides of night
Now a puppet; rotting flesh
A soul without a light

Addiction claimed its dignity
Left a shadow of humanity;

Words on paper; this fatal scribe
Written with blood and tears she cried
The final writ; fates final claim
The last attachments of a name

She was a girl only seventeen
Labeled a demon; addict; pure fiend

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