Final Step

final step

Final Step

final step

A gem in the eye
As I look to the sky
Empty canvas of a soul
With nothing to hide

The puncture runs deep
Pain’s spreading in my sleep
It’s one breath too many
As I’m tasting defeat

With a shadow in my hand
A puppet for a heart
A master of pretend
A grin, owning the part

A grasp for a breath
I reach to inhale
Clenching at a heart
On display and impaled

Pain laced in my lips
Traced in my fingertips
Seeking stable ground
Yet continue to slip

A halt to this decay
Words that filter pray
Absent of a muse
The ghost of yesterday

Time that wears disease
Breaks me to my knees
It’s eating me alive
With a brush of a breeze

A taste of fate today
As I’m breaking away
Hope’s a broken vow
With no words to say

I’ll break and wish you well
With nothing left to sell
I’ll take one final step
An entrance straight  to hell

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