Gates of Hell

gates of hell

Gates of Hell is a poem that was written in my teenage years. It takes the very real struggle of addiction and defines how it can impact just about anyone. I have a few poems that touch on this theme and have even spoken with some parents that have told me it helped them understand what their child was going through.

Having an impact like that is the greatest honor I can experience as a writer. If I can touch someone’s life to give perspective, give hope, or even just help them experience feeling, then I’ve accomplished everything I hoped to do. Without further ado:

Gates of Hell
gates of hell

I’d put the bottle down
But in the absence of reality
I’m so much closer to my dreams

Seeking to somehow feel alive
That reminder in waking up
I’m the spitting image of a lie

A fix that turns my blood cold
A line I signed to sell my soul
A shadow only my eyes see
With nothing left to believe

I’m finding each second is gaining weight
And things are becoming too heavy to bear

Take a few moments with me
Unaware of time that’s left to spare

I write a note in hope you find
That giving up while in a bind
Was my only option; the hidden clue
I drank to hide from loving you

I abandoned myself long ago
This skin I wear has worn out
What lies beneath isn’t pretty
I feel you need something more

I sewed my eyes shut to block the light
Forever left in the dead of the night
The silence is a harmonious grant
A scar to a heart painted with agony

I’d try to find the words to say
Yet nothing spoken has meant a thing
So here comes that familiar sting
With thoughts that tend to pierce the skin

Here I sit with a simple letter
I could have been more, something better
Yet it’s too late; I bid farewell

And sign my name to the gates of hell

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