It’s Our Nature to Believe

it's our nature to believe

It’s our nature to face off with several things in a lifetime. As much as we don’t like the negative experiences, there is no debating that they act as a positive force of the future. Without the negative we wouldn’t be able to define the things that we love and center our live’s around. This concept is what this poem is about.

it's our nature to believe
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It’s our nature to be condemned
Our nature to lose our voice
And forget about who we are

It’s our nature to pretend
Our nature to wear masks
When people are so unaccepting

It’s our nature to resist
Our nature to casts words
With actions to create a voice

It’s our nature to lose our way
Our nature to get lost
Yet find our way in the end

We speak in riddles
Emotions trap us
Fear confines us
Insecurity is our splinter

Yet in the darkest time

We believe in ourselves
Believe we can break
The overthrow of conflict

We believe enough to stand
Believe that standing tall
Sends a message of survival

We believe in holding on
Believe in casting a grip
A quest to see things to their end
We survive in being broken

Stitching our wounds
Mending our thoughts
Breathing gains with losses
An exchange defining balance

It’s our nature to press forward
We believe with each step
We can cast change with hopeful wish
And things can heal and become something more

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