Poetry is something that I find to be unique and very personal. In a way poetry stands as a method for writers to vent/cope with…well, whatever is on their mind. To readers of poetry, however, words on a page can mean a number of different things.

Poetry and words are filled with different meanings that are completely dependent on an individual’s personality. While one person may read a poem that speaks of loss they may take it as a sad piece, where another may interpret it as something peaceful and a way of the world coming full circle.

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The poetry that I write tends to be on the darker side. Anything that I write, in some way or another, has a personal connection to me. I feel emotions very deeply and discovered at an early time in my life that I was able to express these feelings in a calculated way in my writing. Some claim writing is a gift, I’d argue that it can be, but it’s equally a burden.

Some of us have had the experience of reading a piece of literature that has left us speechless. It makes you wonder, what did the author feel to capture, in words, something that powerful?

Whether the poem is something that emitted warm fuzzy feeling, or drifted into waves of despair, the best kind of writing comes from the mind of someone that feels way more than they want to.

Fellow writers will read this and it will hit a soft spot. The emotions that go into any piece of writing are far beyond what one person takes from it. Its this reason that poetry, in itself, is so powerful.

When a piece of writing carries so many different feelings, definitions, and lessons, it’s becomes a unique craft of its own. Writing is a craft that I continue to learn, but one that has forever been a part of me.

I hope you enjoy the writing that I post and can take something meaningful from it.

As for what’s in the works for the website you can find what’s in the near future here.