Title: Pride


Cold shoots through my eyes
The world bends in this pretend
Things I thought I knew
Gave a grin and ran me through

With this blade in my back
I watch it all fade to black
The tarnished void rests inside
The fragments of a living lie

A taste of sorrow, a dash of care
Resentment in the form of prayer

The bruise inside intensifies
Left with myself to confide
Words laced into my veins
A spread of though bathed in pain

The ghost inside without a name
Loss I can’t seem to feign
A thing not meant to be
Awaits a breath, no longer me

Trace the jagged, broken road
The me you’ll never get to know

Cracks beneath my feet
Bury whispers of a need
A figure walks, incomplete
Blending with bleeding hopes

Dreams he’ll never know
Places he will never go
Spared from tasting loss
One last time

Down the tunnel in my eyes
Rests an ugly rift of tide
Curtains of a broken vow
One left behind until now

Each breath may fill with pain
Filled with sorrow’s song

He will face it as he bleeds
A world brought to its knees
Each breath laced with fate
Will be matched with beating hate

Each blow to knock him down
He will rise up from the ground
As wounds are stitched inside
A pulse will grow and live with pride

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