Reaper is a poem about living and experiencing enough hardship that eventually a person can wear down and become the very pain that they experience. This could mean a number of different things. Perception is a valuable tool when reading poetry, this poem is about when pain and darkness go from a feeling, and become something more:


The emptiest whispers
Cast the greatest shadow
They wrap inside the mind
Haunting a soul for hours

Unease spreads like fire
A poison without cure
This flame is set to burn
I’d know, it lasts a while

Nature’s fine design
A road of firm decline

And so it begins…

Eyes tainted, unforgiving
Faded heart, tired of living
A refusal to give in
With a hymn of discipline

Carving stories to a stone
To return when I am alone
Looking back so I may see
I’ve done this once before

The loss is paralyzing
Yet, I find the time to breathe

Each step spreads a message
Each day a symbol made
Each day I try to live
It’s one life I try to save

Darkness spreads around me
It ties me in a knot
Memories a silhouette
To thoughts we have forgot

Two eyes may ache forever
Waiting on what shouldn’t be
Standing still, a shadow
Seeks a chance to just believe

Until that time makes way
As time takes me apart
The drive inside will burn
As I rip you from my heart

As darkness overcomes me
Loss stains my every step

I stand here as a reaper
I come with pain to bless

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