This was written for a special someone that stole my heart unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life-time. Kelly, thank you 🙂

You know what you mean to me and privacy is something that we both value, so I will keep this to a dedication and keep the more substantial details where they should be, something we know and share as we wish to share, together.


I feel you take the dark inside

And cast a shade, a different tide

You take me to another place

Where I hold on tight to you

As our hearts lock as one

A warmth akin to summer’s sun

I take your hand in mine

Losing myself in your eyes

We cast the claim of meant to be

We stand as one, you and me

Every breath we share today

I never thought I’d find this

As our lips lock with a grin

Love’s true mark filling in

We cast the call forever

Will never let this go

Standing with your hand in mine

Knitting two lives that we bind

And with a kiss we lock them tight

We are forever, like the night.




Pulse left dripping
Eyes are bare
Reaching out
Yet, finding air

Drained of life
A poisoned soul
Clouds of thought
With no control

Despair’s hand
Clenching tight
Breaking dreams
Creating night

Scars that stain
That take a name
Engraving you
Spreading pain

You will be my story
My crafted masterpiece

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The hurt is fading
The anger surfacing
The tongue that’s been tied
Is now forever stating

I’m being eaten alive
Influenced by the hating

The fatigue deep inside
Has carried in my eyes
As the weight intensifies
Breaths are wearing thin

The heart on my sleeve
Has been cut, left to bleed
Now I’m left with a need
That I can’t seem to feed

…Yet it reaches out to me…

The loneliness is taming
The pain forever staining
The way I see the world
Is a bruise with endless shading

A wound linked to the world’s weeps

The wound has cut too deep
It’s been taking from my sleep
Each time I close my eyes
Laying prayers at my feet

It seems I’ve stopped believing
Held together, but I’m needing

This hole in my chest
A piece that is not healing
What is this that I’m feeling
Broken, left here kneeling

Take what’s left of me
A token to a cause
Craft it to a story
Something making sense

Something meant to be