The Killing Joke- Memories Monologue

The Killing Joke- Memories


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The Killing Joke “Memories” monologue, to me, pretty much defines Joker as a character. It shows who he is at the core, well that, and it’s just an awesome dialogue all together.

I gave it a shot with the same rules applying, I attempted it with my own style. I’ve seen a lot of people do incredibly jobs impersonating it, I’d much rather try to make something of my own out of it though.

Opinions/Critique/Suggestions are all welcome.



Batman: The Killing Joke Narration

Batman: The Killing Joke Narration

the killing joke

The Joker, as mentioned in a previous post, is my favorite character. His dark persona makes his dialogue exciting, but at the same time incredibly challenging. In the Killing Joke this applies as true as ever.

The original uploaded file had an issue with the speed of the file being amplified and having no idea as to how to reverse it. Below is a new version that I feel sounds a bit better.

In this narration I try to place my own touch on the “One Bad Day,” Monologue from the animated movie Batman: The Killing Joke.

The original scene can be found by clicking here.

Music from my clip is provided from here.

Joker Narration Attempt Number 2

Joker Narration

I’ve decided Joker is probably the hardest narration to drive on account of it being so well done from Heath Ledger. After several attempts I came up with this:

Joker Monologue from the Dark Knight

Joker Monologue The Dark Knight

I personally feel this one is a bust, but I tried it anyway because I wanted to. Well that, and the fact my friend said I should give it a try. The Joker is my favorite character of all time.



Once we established that me trying to mimic the voice wasn’t an option I went with trying to spin my own style.

This is an example of audio realms where I need to adapt and learn a bit more, but that’s what this is all about. Finding my strengths and weaknesses and then making an effort to grow from there.

Personal Perspective Narration

Personal Perspective and Change

personal perspective

This audio has the background music by V for Vendetta, partially because it’s the flavor of the day, and partially because I have know just about nothing about taking an audio recording and properly pairing it with music that supports the words.

Baby steps I suppose.

This narration is about personal perspective, change, and the challenge we run into on a universal platform. The writing is my own.

In life…our greatest enemy is ourselves. Taking the time to grasp that concept and flip the switch, turning it from a nemesis┬áto a dear companion, can make the experience of life something we never knew existed.

V for Vendetta Revolution- Speech Narration

V for Vendetta Revolution- Speech Narration

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta is one of my all-time favorite movies. I love the revolutionary speech that V gives in it. It takes the idea of unity, (real unity, unlike the circus of protests that we have going on in today’s world), and highlights the potential power behind it.

Any critique is appreciated. I’m just putting my feet into the water in this realm of creativity and I’m aware that there is a lot to learn. Feel free to tell me if there is something I can improve and things I should be watching out for. It would all be appreciated.

The original video from the V for Vendetta movie can be viewed by clicking here.

American Psycho Confession Personalized

American Psycho confession

This is the American Psycho Confession scene with a personal touch. I think if I tried to imitate the crying/mental breakdown I would sound awful, so giving it a personal touch and hoping for the best.


As always, critique/suggestion is always welcome on account of knowing I have a lot to learn. Thank you for checking it out.

Original link can be watched by clicking here.

American Psycho- Narration Revamped

American Psycho

American Psycho Narration Revamp

Been busy lately, but giving the narration bid a fair shot and seeing what I can make happen there. I’m a novice with a lot to learn so any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated.



Revisiting this because I’m dead-driven toward getting this audio as close as possible, or unique enough to make my version stand out ^^

Original clip can be found by clicking here.