Walk With Me

walk with me

Walk With Me

Walk With Me is an old poem…I’d revise it but prefer to post it as it was when I wrote it.

It’s like painting an image with a fragile mind
A fragment of faith you’d bend time to find
A moment of prayer seasoned with pieces of me
The fading shadow of the what if and could be’s

It’s a recollection of the moments we face
Playing rock to the scissors and whether to chase

Its growing up and living loss; taming gains along with costs

Problems come in varied waves
As strands of straws; we choose what to save
So take a breath; reconcile
Take the step that’s worth a mile

Cause a stitch in the right place can change the way we heal
And sometimes…It’s all about healing the RIGHT way

A voice there to do its part
Angelic virtue of the heart
The time to take in what we feel
As hearts tone to solid steel

Cause perfections not a trait; but a dream we hope for
The hope that blends with life; and shows at every door

Take it from a soul that’s danced with shadows; laid with light
The two create each other; the morning makes the night

It’s the harmony; the craftsmanship; the future of the ticking dial
Held behind the feelings of the common facial smile

It’s what’s behind the eyes
The special blends of the soul
The pity; love; and sacrifice
The things that make us whole

The stepping stones; familiar shards; the fragments of a day
In the end it’s only us; who find and pave our way

So shed the shame; the rare denial
Take a mirror, a breath , and smile

It’s in the eyes that somehow say;
If you can be then show a way

Despite what you hear, and what’s been said
It’s only words stuck in your head

So take a breath, dive in your eyes;
Block out misfortune and those cries

Take in that breath, and realize;
It never took away the person you are

Its those who stand; unafraid to be;
The people crafting trends we see

Cause as people, as individuals, it’s the marks of beauty we read
The jolts of feeling we feel, from what we perceive

It goes with that hope to those who need a hand
So take a breath and take the time to stand
Take the step to something new, I’ll lend hand

Cause the beauty of our difference, is what most wait to see
Only you can push you down, so stand and walk with me

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