I sew with fate in hand
A voice with need to take a stand
I am the frail, inner voice
The shadow in the white of noise

I am that push inside
When everything has run to hide
Retribution’s inner core
Stale time that leaves us sore

The pendulum of life’s pitfalls
Weight that leaves us in a crawl
Loss devours inner power
Left as a shell that’s gone sour

Eyes foretell a living hell
Caught in a kind of spell
A taste stains along my lips
As stable things slowly slip

Broken to the rotten core
I can’t stand to take much more

This smile, clearly so senile
Connected to my inner pain
A mind that’s driven, past insane
As time decays, it’s dead and plain

Darkness wraps around my heart
Poisoned ground for misled starts

As the flower fades to black
A broken dream between the cracks
Poison flowing from inside
A story told from tears I cried

I whisper wishes to myself
With no hope for any change

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